St. Patrick’s Day

  • Posted on February 18, 2013 at 10:17 PM

I live in Dublin, Georgia….one thing you find out quickly about Dublin is St. Patrick’s Day is very big…very, very big. In fact, you may be surprised as I was to learn we have the longest St. Patrick’s celebration in the whole wide world…Yes, longer than anything Ireland has ever even thought of.  We begin in February with the crowning of our Queens…Miss St. Patrick and Miss Emerald City. Early Crowning is necessary because the Queens must preside over the events of the month….everything from Pancake Supper with GREEN pancakes to BBQ Cook-off,  Leprechaun Contest,  Parade,  Arts and Crafts in the park, to the Hot Air Balloon festival. Yes, our beauties have a lot of responsibility during the month long celebration.  There is an event almost every single day of March.  For 99.9% of the population,  that’s not a problem, unless you happen to be the Queen-Mother then you have to be at most events along with your Queen-Daughter. I was blessed with a queen many years ago. Now, I have little-miss-grand-daughter-queens and it gives me pleasure to see my Queen-Daughter move up in the ranks to Queen-Mother. But, that’s not why we’re here…..this is about Art to Gogh Party….So it didn’t take a rocket scientist to decide what the Art to Gogh Party theme would be for March. You got it…St. Patrick’s Day.


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