St.Patrick’s Green and Orange

  • Posted on March 26, 2013 at 2:06 PM

kids shamrock

March will soon be over, but before it leaves I want to share this little bit of information….Did you know that the color green associated with St. Patrick’s Day is representative of the Catholic Church?…Probably because St. Patrick was Catholic, imagine that.

And, in opposition to that, in Ireland, the Protestants chose the color Orange in honor of the protestant conqueror, William of Orange (aka William III) who conquered the Catholic James II (aka James VI of Scotland)…(Not the one who translated the Bible. That was an earlier James I. 1611) …

I know… much more history than you probably can handle on a Monday. But it was later, 1688 to be exact, when William III, now King of England, routed an attempt by James II to regain the throne, sending the Catholic James II packing back to France, never to return. Dubbed the Glorious Revolution 1688…you’ve probably heard of it.

James II was the last Roman Catholic monarch to rule over the kingdoms of Ireland, England and Scotland. It was in tribute of THAT final victory, the Battle of Boyne (1690) that the Orangemen organized in 1796, in Ireland.

Thankfully, today, we protestants are able to live peacefully with our Catholic friends and neighbors. That’s why the banners downtown Dublin, GA, during the month of March, are both Orange and Green. That’s also why I chose to paint the background color for my GREEN shamrock design, ORANGE. ┬áJust on the outside chance, you were wondering……:) There’s a method to my March Madness!

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