Spring has Sprung

  • Posted on April 18, 2013 at 9:33 AM

Poppies Trust in the LordOh yes, Spring has Sprung…and last week I was wanting to paint something happy and cheerful. Poppies  just make me feel happy. I love the red and green combination.

When I finish a painting I always search my Bible for just the right verse to go with the painting…I look and look and look…there are too many good ones to count.

It never fails. I always ask the Lord for guidance to find the one that would be most fitting and then seemingly out of the blue floats in a scripture that was just meant for the project.

Invariably it will be one I had not thought of, but will be dropped into my thoughts and I know…this is the one. It happens every single time. I know this may seem simplistic, but,  if God Almighty is concerned with the number of  hairs on my head then even the insignificant details of my life that matter to me, matter to Him.

So, Trust in the Lord with All your Heart….

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