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Hello and welcome to Art to Gogh Party! I’m Renee Fraser and I’ve been teaching people to paint off and on for the past 35 years. Since I was a little girl I have always known I wanted to paint beautiful paintings…but alas, I didn’t know how to paint and then one day I discovered Tole painting by Priscilla Hauser and learned to Tole paint. I lived and breathed to paint. It was the most satisfying thing I had ever done.

When the Bible says God will give you the desires of your heart, I knew 35 years ago that that was the absolute truth. One reason, I think this is true is because with the desire in our heart God also gives us the ability to achieve it….could it be because He’s the one who put the desire there in the first place? I don’t know, but it makes sense to me.

Thirty-five years ago,  I flew to Tulsa Oklahoma to participate in 2 seminars taught by Priscilla Hauser to become one of her accredited teachers. I have taught Tole painting across Georgia and all the way to Charleston, SC. and back again. While in Charleston, I was blessed to be able to attend art classes by local artists at The Market downtown. Most recently I have held Summer Art Camps for  children along with hosting Art to Gogh Parties. To say I love art is an understatement…but, what I love most is bringing the Joy of Art to others.

So, I invite you to call today and host your very own Art to Gogh Party…the perfect way to entertain your friends, host a birthday party, a girls’ night out or just a way to relax after a stressful week at work…. or any other kind of event you wish to be memorable.  Call me at 478-272-0627 and reserve your party today.

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  1. Patsy Stone says:

    Ms. Renee we enjoyed painting this past Saturday with you. Wow that was so relaxing. I was the one who talked to you about the UGA paintings. Can you email the panes that you were talking about. Also can you tell me about how much it would be for me to do two paintings at one time. Also can you send me a picture of the cross we are going to do next time. My husband wants to see. Thank you
    Patsy Stone

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